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        Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins
        Softube Weiss, Fabfilter, UAD, Alliance, Waves, Ableton

        Softube Weiss the DS1-MK3 Limiter &   UAD Audio I love a lot of the UAD   Waves Plugins because they are
        MM-1 Maximizer are my go-to in my    plugins but if I needed to keep only    unique & still work so well when needed,
        mastering chain, for me they are the   a few, it would be the Pultec & API    such as the Rbass, RVox, but also L1 &
        best to sound loud but clear at the   EQs, the SSL G Compressor, Empirical   L2 Limiters that I use as clippers only,
        same time!                           Labs Distressor.                    also the LinMB which is a linear phase
                                                                                 multiband compressor that is perfect
        There is a lot more I would love to talk
                                              know more                          for mastering.
        about, like SIR StandardCLIP, one of the
        best clipper in the world for only 15-20€,
                                             Plugin Alliance MEGA BUNDLE ifor $29   know more
        or the Vari-Mu modern emulation of my
                                             per month you have access to all the
        country mate Pulsar Audio from France
                                             PA plugins including each new releases,   Ableton Stock Plugins I build a lot of
        with the Pulsar MU that is so so good.
                                             it’s a gold mine for a producer to be   Audio Rack to create my own effects
                                             able to have access to profession-  and lot of the time you do not need a
        Fabfilter Bundle especially the Pro-Q3,
                                             al-grade plugins such as the mixing   third party plugin for specific tasks
        Pro-MB and Pro-L2. For the simplicity
                                             console emulation (SSL E G & J, Neve,
        and quality of these plugins.
                                             API, Amek, Focusrite etc…)            know more
         know more
                                              know more

        Top favourite Gear
        Mac Mini, Audio Apollo + Audio UAD-2 Satellite, Softube, Kensignton Expert

        Mac Mini i7 6core 3.2ghz, 512Go PCI-SSD, 16Go RAM      Softube Console 1 Controller, I love the SSL 4000E emulation
        because I’m a macOS user and this is the best cheap-value   of Softube that comes with the controller, to be able to
        you can find (except now with the mac M1, but for stability   touch buttons, and not just mix a song with a mouse it’s
        I choose to stay little more on Intel Macs) compare to a 16’’   totally a game changer for me, I don’t use it on every mixes,
        Macbook Pro it’s like a one third of the price for more or less   something just for the Drive THD color of the SSL 4000E plugin
        the same benchmark. The downside is that you need      on my bus group stems, I want to try the new from SSL, the
        a keyboard + mouse and a screen of course. I still have    UC1 that is kinda the same thing but for SSL Native Plugins.
        a i7 four-core 15’’ Retina Macbook Pro that works fine when
                                                                know more
        I need to move.
         know more
                                                               Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball, because I
                                                               saw this mouse in too many masterclasses and too many
        Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo + Universal Audio UAD-2   studios, and I wanted to have the same as all engineers
        Satellite Quad because it’s UAD haha! I have had this one   haha, but in fact it is totally helping my workflow, it is so
        for five years, it works just perfectly, I use a lot of their plugins   much more precise compared to a normal mouse, with
        in my workflow as producer and as sound engineer for my   shortcuts combined with the keyboard. Now I could not
        clients, worth the price at all.                       come back to a simple mouse to work.

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        ANTOINE DELVIG                                                                                WE RAVE YOU TECH
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