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        Top favourite synth plugins / Kontakt libraries

        Kontakt, Ableton, Serum, Albino 3, Kick 2

        Kontakt Spitfire’s Collection,  for it’s   Albino 3, for the old time sake, love the spread
        orchestral libraries.                knob it really gives you a tone no other synth does.

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        Operator(Ableton stock plugin), for   Ableton Stock Sampler, I used to resample in
        any kind of fm synthesis and basic   Kontakt but switched to sampler and created a
        shaping (subs/sines, sawtooth etc)   few racks for extra modulations. I resample most
                                             of my synths there.
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        Serum, for synths with more complex
        mouvements. Still use basic shapes   Kick 2, for any kick or snare bottom layer. Pretty
        but I go deeper in with filters and   much all my drum punches will be made in there
        envelopes.                           synthetically with sines and I always add a lil
                                             textured layer from something acoustic on top.
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        APASHE                                                                                        WE RAVE YOU TECH
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