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        Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins

        UAD, Fabfilter, iZotope RX 8, Melodyne , Soothe & Spiff

        UAD Ocean Way, it’s a mic and room   iZotope RX 8, life saver for shitty   Melodyne, I love to sample/resample
        emulator. I love to use that to fake a   recordings. I use it to clean disturbing   anything and it’s the best tool I know to
        room or recording. It helps when your   elements in my recordings. When you   pitch correct things. Sometimes it even
        sounds are too clean and you want to   have 20+ people in a room for an   allows me to switch up chords in a
        give them a ‘sampled’ or shitty room   orchestra the amount of shitty little   one-take recording.
        effect. It adds lots of warmth to your   sounds mics can pick up is insane. RX
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        sound or recording.                  helps you remove anything magically.
                                             It’s the most wizard plugin I know.
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                                                know more                        Soothe & Spiff, for any unwanted
                                                                                 resonance in sounds or to shape
        UAD EMT 140 Reverb, NI RC48: Reverb
        for pretty much all my reverberations.  Fabfilter Collection, for most mixing   transients. I still use Soothe 1, I know I
                                             tools from EQ to limiters.          need to update for soothe 2…
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        Top favourite Gear

        Focal Trio 6 , Apollo x8, Komplete Kontrol S88, AKG 414

        Focal Trio 6: these are my monitors and  Komplete Kontrol S88, great keyboard with cool
        best friend. They are transparent and   options for scales and modes, really good for
        loyal to me, I can trust them. Everything   people who suck at the piano like me.
        I hear on those is real.
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                                             AKG 414, got 3 of those now. They are great
                                             condenser mics for  all types of recordings that
        Apollo x8 + Extra Satellites, gives me
                                             you can easily pair up when you need stereo
        decent pre-amps and allows me to run
                                             takes. I have plenty of toys but these 4 listed are
        UAD plugins which I use more and more.
                                             really what I use the most.
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        APASHE                                                                                        WE RAVE YOU TECH
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