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        Top favourite synth plugins / Kontakt libraries
        Diva, Arturia Analog Lab, Sylenth1, Legend, and Bazille.

        Diva is an amazing plug-in with which   Sylenth1 we used to call it “the old   Bazille is not an easy plug-in with its
        you can basically do everything in a   but gold”. its sound is so unique, a lot   semi-modular interface and its own
        great way. It sounds pretty analog and   of tracks were made from this plugin   sequencer. You can create crazy things
        warm and also the various possibilities   and we can’t get enough of it!  from there, it takes some time to study
        of the OSC give you a better idea of                                     it but it’s worth it!
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        Arturia Analog Lab is the house. If   Legend is perfect for basslines, if you’re
        you don’t have the chance to buy a   looking for a fat bassline that sounds
        synthesizer you’ll be able to find any of   slightly different than the classic Moog
        the historical ones in it! From the Juno   but with the same impact. Then Legend
        106 to the Moog, from a pad to a bass.   is your plugin!
        We totally love it!
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