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        Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins


        EMT140 If you’re looking for the coolest   TANTRA is a crazy filter plugin with   DECAPITATOR comes also from
        reverb down here then you’re in the   a lot of effects in it! If you don’t have   Soundtoys and it’s the best saturator
        right place! The UAD’s EMT 140 sounds   inspirations we’re sure this plugin can   we’ve ever used. It is able to transform
        great for what we do, it also helps us a   help you out already using its own   sounds from death to life. The sound of
        lot in the creative phase, it allows you   original presets.             transistors, tubes and circuitry in one
        to create that kind of ambient that                                      single hand.
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        none of the plugins can give.
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        EMT250 is the biggest brother of the   ECHOBOY when we speak about the
        140, it has the possibility to become   delay, of course, we can not forget
        a chorus, space echo delay, phaser,   about the Soundtoys. All their plugins
        and a normal echo. All of its functions   like the Sylenth1 are old but gold. That’s
        sounds great and with the decay time   why in 90% of our track you’ll be able to
        you can give yourself a different way to  hear the echo boy delay!
        approach this plugin
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        Top favourite Gear
        VIRUS TI , JUNO 106, OBERHEIM 6 , SH 101

        VIRUS TI is the synth that we’ve been using now for 8-9 years  OBERHEIM 6  We got this synthesizer a few months ago and
        in all our live performances but especially in the studio. It   we totally love it. We mostly use it to create crazy arpeggios
        is the synth that gives life to our track, the one that always   or for the bassline but also from this one you can grab out
        sustained the main melody.                             anything you need!

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        JUNO 106 is the perfect keyboard for pads and basslines, its   SH101 is the oldest synth we have, one of the first we
        sound is so unique and warm and the double chorus also is   bought! its sequencer is unique and no one can reproduce
        the most recognizable thing about it! The only bad part of it   it. Also, the interface it has is super intuitive. If you want to
        is that the voices get broken easily but as soon as you know   approach the analog world for sure this could be one of
        how to repair it then there will be no problem!        the first options!
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