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        Top favourite synth plugins / Kontakt libraries
        Xfer Serum, Native Instruments Reaktor, Ableton Sampler. Lennar Digital
        Sylenth1, ReFX Nexus 2, Arturia

        Native Instruments Reaktor, to build all I need like   Lennar Digital Sylenth1 and ReFX Nexus 2 (now
        modular analog synth, this plugin helped me a   3), only because I have a lot of old projects with
        lot to learn and understand what synthesis is, and   some sounds from this, and it is always good to
        how to really create synth from scratch.      have it when I need a certain synth or when I’m
                                                      lazy to search or create one on Serum.
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                                                      Arturia, analog synths emulation bundle, when I
        Ableton Sampler, not a real synth like the previ-
                                                      need a certain sound from a certain analog synth,
        ous one, but I can do everything I want when I
                                                      I know I’ll find it there.
        need to transform an audio file into a completely
        different sound, it’s one of the most underrated   know more
        Ableton stock plugins.

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                                                      Xfer Serum: to do anything I need, faster than any
                                                      other synths.
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